Depression Is Not A Medical Illness

Depression is not a medical illness. Yet the belief that it is, remains being promoted by conventional medicine.The use of chemicals, such as brain drugs like “anti-depressants,” contributes to the idea that depression is an illness.“Chemical imbalance” is another label ...

Oct 17

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Healing Through Self-Acceptance

You must accept your self come what may. Healing through self acceptance is to tell yourself to accept yourself. Warts and all. A lot of people are depressed, insecure, or addicted due to a lack of or inadequate self acceptance. 

Mar 30

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When You Replace Your Emptiness with Externals

People feel emptiness. Unrelieved, they resort to something outside of themselves.Something external like alcohol. Drugs. Food. Sex. Gambling. Shopping. Or, relationships, just to name a few.Pablo was a severely abused, unloved child. When he became an adult, he tried to fill the ...

Jan 5

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How Not To Go Crazy While in Quarantine

How do you mentally prepare for the pandemic? How do you survive home quarantine or self isolation?Isolation and home quarantine can have real emotional and psychological “side effects.”We can lose our mind getting stuck at home!Let me share here with you my list: HOW NOT TO GO CRAZY ...

Apr 17

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Debts and Mental Health

Money is powerful. It can be a cruel, relentless master.  Money problems often lead to mental health issues.Teresa is deep in credit card debts. By the hundreds of thousands. Part of it, a result of getting scammed by a cash-dependent boyfriend.Although working, her salary cannot possibly meet ...

Jan 24

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What Do I Do With My Mistakes?

 The Roman philosopher Cicero once wrote, “Man is liable to error, and it is a fool who continues in error.”

Dec 11

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Depression, Marital Counseling


A Secret to Personal Power and Peace

 When I was a teenager, I learned the game of chess. An uncle who used to stay in a place near us taught me the fundamentals.

Sep 29

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Attachment Issues, Depression


Christmas Bibliotherapy

 It’s Christmas season again.

Dec 26

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Suicide and Soul Pain

 Recently, two well-loved celebrities committed suicide. The world is stunned and sad.

Jun 12

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Crying Without Shame

Dina seemed incapable of receiving compliments. In our “chit chat” during session, after I’d affirmed her accomplishments and good looks, she started avoiding eye contact by staring at the floor or holding her self tightly.

Feb 17

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Depression, Emotional Abuse


Patience Amid Process

A new year slogan says, “The best is yet to come!”I like that. In my experience, and in the experience of a great many people, it can be true or inspiring a lot of times.

Jan 5

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The Art of Being More Active to Become Less Depressed

When you're psychologically depressed, you're behaviorally depressed. Your mind expects more pain than gain. Life doesn't excite you any more. You feel you're unfit for life. That depresses you even more.One solution is pretty simple. Direct. When you find your self - whether ...

Sep 11

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When A Loved One Dies

I once heard the reminiscences of a 70+ year old man who lost his wife to cancer.

Aug 8

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Healing Your Holidays

“How do I emotionally survive the ‘merry’ holidays?,” consciously or unconsciously you ask your self.Perhaps you’re going through separation, wounds from infidelity, divorce, failure, severe trauma or tension. You fear the fact that you might not enjoy the holidays. ...

Dec 23

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How Well Do You Know Your Self?

In the Dialogues of Plato, we read, "For self-knowledge would certainly be maintained by me to be the very essence of knowledge, and in this I agree with him who dedicated the inscription 'Know Thyself!' at Delphi."What does it take to know your self? It is to see and realize your ...

Sep 30

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