What Do Today's Students Get Right And Wrong In How They Take Lecture ...

The importance of effective note-taking to memory for and learning of course content, and examining student note-taking behavior as technologies changes.

May 7

Categories: Academic Issues


Depression Linked to Memory Problems and Brain Aging

Research has shown that memory problems may be associated with depression in older adults, and that depression also results in changes in brain size and structure.

May 10

Categories: Academic Issues, Bereavement, Depression


This Is How to Stop Students Dropping Out of University

Over half a million students begin university every year, but many of these students drop out before the end of their first year. A new study, conducted over 7 years, shines light on which methods are successful in trying to combat the number of ...

Oct 19

Categories: Academic Issues


Medicine’s Gender Revolution: How Women Stopped Being Treated As ...

For a long time, medication dosages were adjusted for patient size and women were simply ‘small men’. However, men and women respond differently to diseases and treatments for biological, social and psychological reasons.

Oct 4

Categories: Academic Issues, Health / Illness / Medical Issues, Women's Issues


Optimize Learning With Psychological Science – Study Strategies for ...

Cognitive psychology research translated into a bite-size summary of useful study strategies that students and teachers can put into practice right away.

Sep 27

Categories: Academic Issues, Learning Difficulties


The Literate Brain

Just as athletes have different body physiques from non-athletes, the brain of a literate person looks significantly different from that of a non-literate person.

Apr 12

Categories: Academic Issues


Can We Acquire a Super Memory?

Imagine this: a gameshow participant has to memorise four Rubik's cube puzzles at once, dive into a tank that is filling with water blindfolded, and solve them all before the water engulfs him or her? Just as you think that this is impossible, the ...

Mar 10

Categories: Academic Issues


The Quest to Read Emotions from Brain Scans

Two separate groups of scientists have conducted studies to investigate the MRI scans of various people, and both have found that there are indeed patterns in people’s MRI scans when they are experiencing similar emotions.

Mar 6

Categories: Academic Issues


Cultivate Self-Compassion, Freshies!

Hey freshies, do not be so hard on yourself. The key to sustaining well through your first year in university may be having self-compassion, according to new research from the University of British Columbia.

Feb 10

Categories: Academic Issues


Ability Grouping to Aid Gifted Students in Better Learning

A new Northwestern University study reported that schools should adopt both ability grouping and acceleration to help gifted students.

Jan 20

Categories: Academic Issues


How Sleep Enhances Studying

There are many situations in which you have to learn new things that you will need to recall later. When you are a student, there is material for classes that you study to prepare for recalling that information on exams (and hopefully later in life ...

Jan 6

Categories: Academic Issues


Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination

People have struggled with habitual hesitation going back to ancient civilizations. The Greek poet Hesiod, writing around 800 B.C., cautioned not to "put your work off till tomorrow and the day after." The Roman consul Cicero called procrastination ...

Nov 29

Categories: Academic Issues, Other, Workplace Issues


Do students know what's good for them?

Putting a student at the centre of their own learning seems like fundamental pedagogy. Obviously, we learn best when motivated and when learning is fun. Allowing us to explore our curiosity is a way to allow both. However, putting the trajectory of ...

Nov 19

Categories: Academic Issues, Child and/or Adolescent Issues, Teenage Issues


Stress and coping skills among university students: A preliminary ...

The objective of this research is to evaluate stress level and identify coping skills among students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah according to their ethnicity. A total of 252 subjects were involved in this research which ...

Nov 15

Categories: Academic Issues, Child and/or Adolescent Issues, Stress Management


Is it bad for your health to pull an all-nighter?

A late night at the library, copious amounts of energy drinks or coffee and class notes from the last month; surely you'll be able to ace the exam if you just spend the next 24 hours focused on the material. Unfortunately, procrastination and sleep ...

Oct 27

Categories: Academic Issues, Health / Illness / Medical Issues, Health ...

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