The Lessons We Learn From Every Day Experiences

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my partner and I found myself telling her this story… It’s the spring of 2002, I just stepped out of the front carriage of the Piccadilly Line train on the London Underground. It is late in the evening, and the platform is basically deserted. My ...

Apr 26

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Three Little Children

There are many different ways to explain the complexities of the human psyche. None will ever do it full justice. Some are outright incomprehensible to the average Joe Bloggs and only reserved for the few trained experts; these are useful to the clinician or researcher, but seldom to a person ...

Mar 29

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Drawing Maps

As we walk about our daily lives we get to draw a map of the world we see. Our parents, our life experiences and the people we encounter along the way, each shaping a unique version of this map.At some point we meet someone important and they too come equipped with a unique map of the territory ...

Feb 8

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The Power of Equanimity

The end of year is a time when many of us pause to take stock of the time passed and to assess how to best move forward with the time remaining.What an important opportunity to ponder on equanimity!Two monks are silently walking back to their monastery after a heavy day of rain. Along the path, ...

Dec 31

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The Pressures of External Demands

We live hectic lives!I imagine that most of you would agree with the above statement. Few are the people in today’s world, who found a way to balance the perennial demands calling for attention.The sheer volume of tasks and responsibilities we must attend to is enormous. In my experience it ...

Sep 30

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Unnecessary Judgment and Blame

 I realised that most of us constantly judge and blame ourselves for some things that actually warrant no judgment or blame.I often go through the following short script when I notice that a client is beating themselves up unnecessarily.Me: Hold on a second! Do you know I am Italian?Client: ...

Sep 1

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Videogames are just like life!

It’s not uncommon to feel like life is a never-ending set of twists and turns, often unexpected, always somewhat challenging. Over the years I used the analogy of videogames to address this concept and many of its derivatives. I don’t know if life is like videogames or videogames are ...

Jul 30

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Feel happier by clearly distinguishing between 'change' and 'outcomes'

You may recall the video we sent a couple of weeks ago. If you have not seen it, I would thoroughly recommend you watch it. It is my experience ...

Jul 1

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You Are Both the Gardener and the Plant

image credit: pixabay

Jan 26

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A new self-development programme shows significant improvements in ...

I have some exciting news following a small research project that I conducted over the last few months.I present the article in a scientific format for ease of reference, and it includes some technical information, but it is definitely written for any reader.

Dec 13

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Can mindset, cold and breathing really heal us?

I still hear the admonitions as if it were yesterday. “Wear a hat, it’s cold and you’ll get sick” “Cover yourself or you’ll catch a fever, it’s cold outside” There are more, but I think you get the picture.Fast forward to 3+ years ago and I stumble on ...

Jan 31

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Is regret a warning light?

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for the ongoing support!!!I noticed a pattern that continues to show up in conversations with my clients and I want to offer it as an opportunity for reflection and growth.We probably all have some regrets, tiny or huge that they may be, they tend to be ...

Jan 4

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Can you press the pause button on life?

 Some of the messages in this video resonate so strongly that it is difficult to stick with it and watch the whole 5 minutes.Do you have the courage to watch it all?

Jun 20

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Some Suggestions for Tiger Parents

This article will address a typically Asian phenomenon, 'tiger parenting', however, it is my experience that people from the West are subjected to similar parenting approaches, albeit under different guises. I think there are valuable lessons for any parent to gain, regardless of their ...

Feb 27

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3 Things That Are Wrong With New Year Resolutions

It's the end of January and, as it may be the case for many of us, the New Year Resolutions we so keenly committed to 30 days ago, may have already become a memory of the past.Perhaps you signed up for a new fitness ...

Feb 4

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