Must Illness or Trauma Fail You?

Published on December 11, 2018


In Western medicine, healing is equated only with health. Superficially, it sounds common sense. Logical. Obvious.


But from a deeper or more intuitive perspective, that’s only partially true. Just a fraction of reality. It’s an incomplete view.


What I’ve found is, there is healing even in the most difficult, trying, wounding times of our lives. That is, if you can see it as it is.


Even though I’m a psychotherapist, seeing those individuals who seek help tests my beliefs about what heals. Must illness or trauma fail you? I think not.


For instance, a couple I once saw not too long ago was on the brink of separation and suicide. There was infidelity on the part of the husband.


But they did love each other.


At first, I cringed at the sight of them hurting each other so badly during session. It’s a first time they’d truly learned to express their feelings to each other.


After a couple of years in therapy, they blossomed. Individually. Maritally. I’d not seen a happier couple than them!


Healing at times entails going through depression. Experiencing deep pain. Or, surviving trauma, failure, and loss.


Undeniably, in our lives, a greater wisdom can intercede when we directly go through things. When we’re open to healing and wholeness taking place in the most unsuspected ways.



Dr. Angelo O. Subida


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Written by:

Dr. Angelo Subida, Psychotherapist

Dr. Angelo Subida is a clinical psychotherapist, author, and speaker. He is author of books "Inner Healing," "Secrets Of Your Self," "Chess and Life," among others, blogs, and articles. He has appeared frequently as an expert on psychotherapy/life recovery issues on national television, radio broadcasts, print media, and webcasts, including GMA 7, TV 5, ABS CBN 2, Q-11, 700 Club, Radyo Veritas, Inquirer Radio, Smart Parenting Magazine, Business Mirror, among others, and has served as resident therapist/counselor for parents and kid-artists in the highly popular ABS-CBN 2 Voice Kids TV singing reality show. Dr. Subida is an eclectic, multidisciplinary therapist and originator of his own revolutionary high-tech, high-touch counseling plus model. His areas of specialization include parent-child therapy, clinical infidelity treatment, relationship/marital counseling, separation/divorce therapy, anger management, depression, addictions, psychotherapy-spirituality integration, and innovative chess therapy. For more of Dr. Subida, you can find him at

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