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Published on October 1, 2015

There are several major types of anxiety disorders, each with its own characteristics.

  • Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person is always in a state of fear and has negative thoughts about himself / herself and his / her possessions. He / She is always ruminating about the negative side of things or situations.

  • When there is a sudden intense feeling of dread and fear, it is called a panic disorder.

  • Phobias of / from different things are also characterized as an anxiety disorder.

  • When people engage in persistent and uncontrollable feelings and routines or rituals in which individuals try to prevent or rid themselves of these thoughts is characterized as Obsessive-Compulsive disorder.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder ensues on a person after a serious natural disaster or accident which causes the affected person to experience intense physical and emotional shock.

Anxiety disorders demand treatment, because if they are left untreated they can cause other severe consequences.

Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can be dealt with successfully by trained mental health professionals, such as registered psychologists / clinical psychologists. A form of psychotherapy that has been demonstrated by research to be highly effective in treating Anxiety disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT). Mostly it helps psychologists to help people by identifying and learning to manage the issues that cause their patient’s anxiety. In Australia psychologists are highly trained to treat people anxiety usingtechniques based on best available research. The best anxiety treatment in Sydney which will help you to get back to normal life. Potentialz’s experienced clinical psychologist provides counselling for anxiety related disorders.

Psychologists’ training includes the usage of variety of psychotherapies, including CBT. CBT aims at the use of those techniques and methods which helps to reduce or stop the behaviors associated with these disorders which are not acceptable. Just like one approach involves training of patients to relax and take deep breaths to counteract the tension and rapid, shallow breathing that comes with anxiety disorders.

CBT helps patient to learn to understand how to change their thought patterns to reduce the occurrence and intensity of reactions, because thoughts mainly are the cause of symptoms of anxiety disorders. Increased cognitive awareness combined with techniques of changing behavior helps an individual affected by anxiety to progressively challenge and bear appalling situations in a safe environment.

Psychotherapy helps a great deal in treatment of anxiety disorders but sometimes patients have to take recourse to medications. In these situations, patient should be managed in collaboration by more than one provider of treatment. Patient needs to realize that drugs that treat anxiety comes with some serious side-effects, which must be closely and carefully monitored by the psychologist who prescribed them the drugs.

Psychologists sometimes also use more effective way to treat for anxiety treatment in Sydney and our approaches to help to recover for mental health disorders, which involves group psychotherapy. As the name suggests, group psychotherapy involves individuals who are not related by any relations but are related to each other in one aspect, suffering from anxiety. This is an effective approach to deliver treatment and provide support.

Just like this one’s family can help a great deal in the treatment too by trying to better understand their loved one’s anxiety and finding new ways to interact with the person suffering from the disorders which will help to reduce the anxiety rather than reinforcing anxiety and associated dysfunctional behaviors. This approach which involves the help of family members is called family psychotherapy.

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