Some Common Myths and Facts about Counselling

Published on August 15, 2015

The process and purpose of Counselling is often misunderstood, and many people have a negative perception of it. There are several myths and stigma attached to the complete process of Counselling. I hope to address some of them below.

MYTH: Counseling is only for people who have serious emotional and mental problems.

FACT Seeing a counselor does not mean you are mentally ill or “crazy”. In life, almost everyone has difficulties and challenges at some point .and being able to ask for help to overcome these challenges are a sign of strength. and taking responsibility to get your life “back on track.”.

MYTH: Seeking Counselling is a sign of weakness.

FACT Seeking counselling in fact a sign of taking responsibility for your well being. In fact, it takes courage to explore sensitive feelings and painful experiences.  It is the first winning step for an individual in resolving their difficulties.

MYTH The counselor will  “fix” your problems.

FACT: Counselling is not a “quick fix” to cure to your problems. The counselor’s role is to help you  reflect and explore your feelings, thoughts, and concerns, to examine your options, and assist you in achieving  the goals you set.

MYTH:   The Counsellor cannot understand you unless she has had similar experiences or is of the same background.

FACT: Counsellors are trained to be sensitive to and respectful of individual differences, including the specific concerns /needs with regard to gender, race/ethnicity, culture, religion, age, and socio-economic status. Many Counselors who are trained in the US and other Western countries have a super specialization in Multicultural Counseling considering diverse cultures in those countries. Counselors are professionally and extensively trained to treat a variety of life crisis and issues.

MYTH: Seeking Counselling suggests you do not have enough faith that God will take care of you, and fix your problem.

FACT-While prayers and  the complete trust in God are always beneficial to your life, these practices are not the only options available to you for sorting through issues. Most people who seek counseling are people who  lead very normal lives and want to find solutions to their  life and  the problems  they face.. It is important o bear in mind that everybody has significant problems at various times in their lives. Counseling is just a normal part of the process of resolving things and providing you the tools and the skills to handle them effectively.


People are often very conflicted about approaching a professional who will be discussing and analyzing their hurtful feelings, sadness, and anxieties. Therefore  there is a constant sense of uneasiness and uncertainty in the minds of people and questions arise such as  "Can this professional really help me?" or "Would it be  a painful waste of my time?" or you might convince yourself that "I really have no idea what I would say."? Especially if you have never ever been in counselling or therapy.

But the reality is Counseling is one of those help forums that can relieve you from these symptoms, and help you to maximize your potential and make positive changes in your life. Visit a Licensed Professional counsellor today to regain your life and secure your well being.

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Written by:

Sailaja Menon

Sailaja (Saila) Menon is a Professional Counselor. Saila has a Post Masters Degree in Multicultural Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland in the US.A, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Radford University, Radford, Virginia, USA and A Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Presidency college, Chennai, India. Saila has over 18 years experience in the field of Counseling and Mental Health.

Since moving to Singapore, Saila is the founder of Mantra – Counseling , Wellness and Care and is a mental health partner with Scott Psychological Centre, Singapore.

Sailaja Menon belongs to Mantra Counseling Wellness Care in Singapore