You are not alone. Being a parent can be extremely challenging.

Published on June 19, 2014

For parents with babies 12 months and below,

Maybe your baby is crying all of the time, or he or she doesn’t take interest in you.  Maybe you can’t find a way to calm your baby down, or you notice that he or she doesn’t like to be held.  Maybe your baby seems very needy.  Maybe, even, you worry that he or she doesn’t love you anymore, or that you are a bad parent.

Being a parent to a baby can also cause stress and strain on your relationship with your partner, and with your family as a whole.  You may feel isolated from friends and loved ones.  You may feel that you have no time for yourself anymore.  You might be on edge, arguing all the time with your partner or loved one, or crying easily and frequently.

"You are not alone.  Being a parent can be extremely challenging"

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  It can bring great joy, immense love, and a sense of pride.  It can make you want to be a better person.  However, it can also bring great anxiety, frustration, anger, or sadness.  Sometimes, being a parent is not as you imagined it would be.  Sometimes, you may not want to be a parent at all. 

Dynamics leading experts welcomes mothers and babies, 12 months and/or younger.  Our "Mommy and Me" six-week group will be starting July 2014 (an open enrollment) as one of the inaugural components of a parent and infant service offered at Dynamics.

Please call our friendly administration team to schedule an appointment (+65) 6100 9235.  At Dynamics, we understands that it can be a process to find the right individual to help your special little ones succeed.  Our leading professionals are happy to answer any questions.   

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