Media Violence and Children

Authors put an emphasis on the fact that the threat to public health is posed by the media violence and furthermore the real-world aggression and violence take its place as the consequence of the media violence. This is the core problem, investigated by the authors. In accordance with the research, both film violence and fictional television make ...

Oct 29

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The Pressures of External Demands

We live hectic lives!I imagine that most of you would agree with the above statement. Few are the people in today’s world, who found a way to balance the perennial demands calling for attention.The sheer volume of tasks and responsibilities we must attend to is enormous. In my experience it ...

Sep 30

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Written By:
Dr Oberdan Marianetti


7 Visible Signs Showing That You Need Relationship Counseling

Most of the couples are not aware of the situation that is arising between them. This ignorance makes things even worse. Therefore, it is essential to identify what is wrong. There are numerous signs that can lead you to believe that your relationship isn’t the same anymore.In case, you feel a sudden change in the behavior of your spouse, ...

Mar 31

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The Power of the Mind

“You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  Marcus Aurelius A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate to “Pause Salon, Power of the Mind” where I had the pleasure to share my thoughts with like-minded ...

May 21

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Impact of Terrorism on psychological well begin and Mental Health in ...

Objective: To find out the impact of terrorism on mental health and behavioral patterns like Jealusy,Agression and hate of men and women in Pakistan and Indian people due to terroism.Place and Duration of Study: It was conducted in Karachi and Mumbai (Pakistan and India) over a period of five ...

Nov 14

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Written By:
Dr. Hayat Ali Yousefzai