Demystifying the process of change in Counselling- How you get better

Counselling seems to be a pretty mysterious process for most people.  Unless things are REALLY bad, most people don’t think about counselling or think it’s too expensive or are just not sure how it works. Usually counselling is a last resort rather than a first stop for getting ...

Aug 25

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Addictions, Adjusting to Change / Life ...

Written By:
Tammy M. Fontana, MS NCC CTRT Sex Therapist USA


What stops people with mental health issues from seeking treatment?

Worldwide, a large majority of those with mental illness fail to receive adequate treatment and hence undergo unnecessary suffering. Arguably as tragic is the suffering experienced by the family members who agonize about the inexplicable and seemingly never ending mental anguish of their loved ...

Feb 7

Categories: Depression, Prejudice / Discrimination, Mental Health in Asia, Self ...

Written By:
Brian Scott