Arranged Marriage: How to get a good sex life

Are you in an arranged marriage? Did you spend 6 to 12 months getting to know one another, usually on line with only a few brief meetings and now you are finding the person to be very different than you thought. Did you think that sex would be easy and just happen after marriage but that isn't ...

Apr 25

Categories: Adult psychological development, Couple Counseling, Emotional ...

Written By:
Tammy M. Fontana, MS NCC CTRT Sex Therapist USA


Some Suggestions for Tiger Parents

This article will address a typically Asian phenomenon, 'tiger parenting', however, it is my experience that people from the West are subjected to similar parenting approaches, albeit under different guises. I think there are valuable lessons for any parent to gain, regardless of their ...

Feb 27

Categories: Blended Family Issues, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Child and/or ...

Written By:
Dr Oberdan Marianetti