Family Therapy in Addictions Work

I would like to offer my observations and recommendations based on my work in Singapore between 2005 and 2011 in the field of addictions. To summarize:   I just finished reading a superb article by Timothy Sim on family therapy in Singapore1. He captures it all. It brought me back to many ...

Jan 10

Categories: Addictions, Compulsive Spending / Shopping, Drug Addiction, Eating ...

Written By:
Marjorie Nixon LCSW


How can you help a family member or friend who may be suffering from ...

As a practising psychologist in Singapore, I often receive calls from distraught family members asking what they can do if they have a family member or friend who they suspect is suffering from depression but who is reluctant to see a mental health professional. The main goal in this situation, is ...

Jan 25

Categories: Depression, Family Problems

Written By:
Brian Scott