Understanding Addiction

 A 30-year-old man is addicted to pornography and alcohol. For over 10 years of his young life, he has become progressively addicted to his chosen “drugs.”

Jan 22

Categories: Addictions, Control Issues, Family of Origin Issues / Codependency

Written By:
Dr. Angelo Subida, Psychotherapist


Why Am I So Angry?

Humans have emotions for a reason.  Some emotions keep us safe, social and on a certain life path.  Anger is an emotion that tells others, "don't mess with me," or "I want to feel in control." Anger helps us to feel powerful and it can motivate us.  Anger is not a problem, but how we react to it can be.1. ...

Jun 21

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Anger Management, Control Issues, ...

Written By:
Dr Monica Borschel


Control, Planted in a Pot

A classic experiment almost 4 decades ago revealed that elderly residents of nursing homes who bore the onus of nurturing a potted plant outlived their counterparts who did not. More recently, research has extended advantages of indoor ...

Dec 16

Categories: Control Issues, Self-Care / Self Compassion

Written By:
Maryann Wei


Attachment: The Importance of First Relationships

If you are interested in relationships, you will be interested in learning about attachment theory. This theory highlights the importance of the relationship between infants and their caregivers. Our relationships in adult life are affected by the quality of this first emotional bond. Indeed, much of what couple counselling ...

Feb 15

Categories: Adult psychological development, Attachment Issues, Child ...


Fear of the Abyss: Healing the Wounds of Shame

In my years of practice as a psychotherapist, I have come to know that people can actually heal, not just cope better—the best hope current cognitive-behavioral therapy models offer. Depending on the difficulty of their problems and the degree of self-examination they are willing to do, people can truly heal—leaving behind old patterns ...

Jun 29

Categories: Control Issues, Self-Criticism, Shame


The story of the two wolves: Managing your thoughts, feelings and ...

Have you ever had thoughts, feelings or acted in ways that were unacceptable to yourself but felt powerless to control? The purpose of this post is to help you find ways to manage your mind so that you can live your life more in accordance with what your own judgment says is best for you. As we ...

Feb 21

Categories: Control Issues, Life Purpose / Meaning / Inner-Guidance, Personality ...

Written By:
Brian Scott