Marijuana May Boost Risky Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Posted on August 16, 2019

Legalization of marijuana might be increasing gradually, but that does not mean that people are consuming less alcohol. In fact, many individuals drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. This might be a troubling fact as there are risks that come with mixing alcohol and cannabis.

A recent research conducted by Penn State involved 1,017 participants between 18 to 25 years old. Participants reported the frequency of their alcohol consumption, marijuana and both simultaneously. Questionnaires regarding personality, opinions on drinking habits and alcohol-related problems were also filled out by them.

Results reveal that those who consumed both alcohol and marijuana are much more likely to engage in substance abuse in the future. Unlike those who only drank alcohol, participants who consumed both substances had a higher tendency to drink heavily and more frequently for longer periods of time.

Furthermore, people who drink alcohol and smoke marijuana at the same time exhibited more alcohol-related problems such as blacking out, behaving impulsively and getting involved in conflicts. They are more inclined to believe that their friends are consuming more alcohol than they do, as well as engaged in more risky activities.

The findings suggest that interventions should not simply be concerned with alcohol consumption, but target the use of other substances as well. Individuals should be educated on the detrimental effects of mixing different substances together, as many of them might not be aware of the additional risks that comes it.


Source material from Science Daily

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