Compound Found in Red Wine Opens Door for New Treatments for Depression, Anxiety

Posted on August 2, 2019

A recent study conducted by a university at Buffalo has discovered that a plant compound found in red wine helps to reduce stress in consumers. The compound is known as resveratrol, and is also found in the skin of fruits like grapes and berries.

Stress in our body is regulated by a hormone called corticosterone. When we experience a high level of stress, large amounts of corticosterone are released. In turn, this induces the expression of an enzyme, phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4). This enzyme has been found to cause depression and anxiety symptoms in individuals by altering regions of the brain.

The results of the study have found that resveratrol provides neuroprotective benefits through the inhibition of PDE4 activity. While more research is required to determine how the two compounds interact, this study has provided some basis for more detailed examination in this direction.

Given its anti-stress effects, researchers noted that it might be possible to develop resveratrol into an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

However, although resveratrol might be found in red wine, excessive consumption of the beverage can be detrimental to health. Drinking too much alcohol might result in addiction as well as other health issues.

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Source material from Science Daily

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