Study Shows Relationship Between Type of Delivery and Twins' Psychological Development

Posted on July 22, 2019

Birth and pregnancy complications are normal when we are expecting twins. Therefore, it is common for mothers who are pregnant with twins to undergo a cesarean section to deliver their children safely. However, recent studies by a group of researchers from the University of Malaga has found that delivery by the cesarean section can affect the children’s development in the long run.

The research involved 160 twins, with 55% of them born via vaginal delivery and 45% by cesarean section. The intelligence and psychological development of the children were assessed and compared with data on obstetric and perinatal variables.

During the comparison of the information, it was discovered that children who were born via the cesarean section tend to be less cognitively developed and are also less intellectually advanced. This hence identified cesarean delivery as a risk factor to psychological and cognitive development.
Therefore, most gynecologists strongly believe that vaginal delivery has its benefits, and cesarean delivery may not be beneficial for multiple births.

Possible ways to deal with this starts with an early diagnosis, followed by participating in activities at schools and healthcare institutions that will help to deal with cognitive difficulties experienced by the children.

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Source material from Science Daily

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