How fathers and their children should spend time together

Posted on June 19, 2019

This study by Geoffrey Brown, says that fathers who choose to spend time with their children on non-workdays are developing a stronger relationship with them, and play is one of the most important activities.

The best relationships between a child and their father, seems to be one who chooses to devote their time on non-workdays to entertain their children individually. Pursuing activities that are child-centred on non-workdays, seems to be the best predictor of a good father-child relationship.

A parent-child relationship can be conceptualised based on the attachment relationship. According to Brown, children form an emotional bond with their caregivers, and it serves a purpose by keeping them safe, providing comfort and security, and modelling how relationships could potentially work.

This study aims to research on father-child relationship and how secure attachment relationship could be formed. Brown and his colleagues worked with 80 father-child pairs when the children were about 3 years old. The team conducted interviews and observed father-child interaction in the home, shot videos that was evaluated off-site and assigned a score to indicate attachment security.

Through these, it helps the researchers pinpoint the connection between work life and family life and how fathers construct their role. Different families work differently, in different context of family time. While play may be important, time should still be distributed evenly between caregiving and play. However, play is important when there is more time and less pressure.

Eventually, fathers who engage in a series of parenting roles and activities, where they adjust their parenting to suit the demands and circumstances of each individual day will most likely work best with their child. This helps to develop a secure relationship with their children.

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Source material from Science Daily

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