What Singles Should Consider Before They Become Spouses

Posted on June 18, 2019

Marriage signifies loyalty and commitment, contributing to the satisfaction and joy of being in a long-term relationship. However, high rates of divorce justify the need for individuals in romantic relationships to slow down and undergo careful deliberation before committing themselves to an everlasting romance with their partner. Marriage is not a formula for successful relationships. If the relationship is not satisfying, tying the knot with your romantic partner will not solve any problems.

A fulfilling marital life predicts life satisfaction, especially as couples age. Studies have also found that marital and life satisfaction of a married individual is positively correlated with that of their partner. An individual’s well being is hence impacted by their marital quality as well as their spouses’ appraisal of relationship satisfaction.

Fidelity is affected by marital status too. The chances of a partner straying from the relationship varies between dating couples and married couples. Romantic attachment style is an important factor in predicting fidelity. Infidelity is more likely in married couples when either partner has an insecure attachment style that is specific to attachment anxiety. On the other hand, this is not evident in dating couples. Additionally, individuals tend to be more loyal when their spouses exhibit high attachment avoidance.

Marrying your partner means engaging in greater commitment and being more responsible for the happiness and well-being of your spouse. Many aspects have to be considered before taking the path down the aisle to a rewarding and satisfying marriage.

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Source material from Psychology Today