Self-Compassion leads to Happiness

Posted on October 19, 2018

Chronic pain is real pain, but it is not something which can be easily treated as an illness, it is a condition which one must constantly confront while forcing the self to engage with it. Self-compassion is the ability to acknowledge one’s suffering, accept that it is part of life and not overthink about it.

People who can handle and accept pain well have lower risk of depression. Being able to accept the pain one is feeling, means truly acknowledging that the pain derived from whatever you have been through, is part of the normal human experience. Painful experiences as such may keep arising, hence one has to have a strong determination to tolerate the pain and essentially, press on with life to pursue one’s goals and dreams. Working towards a value-adding life goal also decreases the risk of depression.

Other ways to lower the risk of depression also consists of being mindful and constantly aware of everything happening around us, with regards to self and others such as being conscious of the present moment of our lives, as well as having compassion for the self. Showing oneself compassion is also associated with the tendency to be involved in more activities when faced with painful experiences.

Having compassion for yourself also puts you in a better mood as it motivates one to acknowledge their pain and do something to relief it. Being involved in external activities helps one become a stronger person, makes one happier and hence helps them alleviate pain and feel pleasure and a sense of fulfillment.

Even though we are unable to make causal links, this research helps us have a better idea of factors which help one acknowledge pain. It also helps experts and psychologists to narrow down their focus on treatment methods which are most effective in creating and maintaining a lifestyle away from pain and making life more value-adding and fulfilling.

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Source material from The British Psychological Society

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