Can ASPD be treated?

Posted on October 5, 2018

The diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is a combination of different characteristics such as disrespecting others’ rights, going against the laws, impulsive behavior or inability to plan, feeling easily annoyed or aggressive and the inability to feel guilt. Some of these characteristics are also common signs of psychopathy. Psychopathy usually includes one’s inability to empathize with charisma, courage and the tendency to take advantage of others.

Antisocial behavior is commonly seen in prison inmates. Such behavior is usually Facilitated due to the prison environment where almost everything is restrictive, hence fights for power control will lead to conflicts. Aggression seen in ASPD is different from aggression caused by psychopathic nature. Both leads to violence, but aggression without mental illness is usually caused by one having a clear purpose for his or her actions, such as to intimidate or take revenge. Purpose derived from psychopathy nature is harder to identify as there is often some randomness that shows conflicts happening in a mentally ill brain.

Treating minor mental conditions can lower the risk of violent behavior. Although it might ne hard to identify the root cause of one’s violent behavior, making sure that proper medical treatment for psychopathic behavior is in place helps to explain the cause.

Other characteristics which are associated with ASPD are attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and substance abuse, which can be hard to suppress. The combination of ADHD and criminal characteristics can lead to a toxic outcome as it is when impulsive character and aggression comes together.

The most effective treatment method for ADHD related to medicines are stimulants. Apart from medication, psycho-therapeutic methods can be helpful for both ADHD and ASPD. Cognitive-behavioral and supportive therapies can help develop better control of one’s impulses and practice of coping strategies.

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