Change in Diet can improve Anxiety

Posted on October 4, 2018

Anxiety is related to a body condition where one’s blood sugar level decreases drastically after consuming food or drinks which are high in sugar content. People who experience a sharp increase in anxiety levels that is associated to this body condition, can lower their anxiety levels by changing their diet. Lowering sugar, carbohydrate and caffeine intake while increasing protein consumption all help to ease the anxiety. However, if the body condition continues despite efforts in changing their diets, one should consult a doctor or a health expert to check for any other possible medical causes. Possible medical causes such as kidney disease, chronic alcohol abuse, diabetes and other side effects from medication, can be dangerous and hence better to discover as soon as possible and get them treated. Ways to tackle negative physiological impacts of drinking should be further consulted with a doctor.

Caffeine intake is also linked to a possible increased risk of anxiety as caffeine raises certain hormones in the blood which leads to nervous feelings in adults without mental health history. This might increase anxiety levels and in the more serious cases, panic attacks. Decreasing caffeine intake has also proved to significantly reduce the severity of anxiety symptoms.

Diet does not only play an important part in our physical health, but also our mental health. Changing of diets can be beneficial for people experiencing anxiety, hence we should be mindful of the types of food we consume and maintain our health and mental well-being by cutting down on sugar, carbohydrates and caffeine while increasing our protein intake.

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Source material from Psychology Today

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