Social Interactions affect Happiness

Posted on October 2, 2018

We are all social beings who learn about the world and how it functions through forming relationships with others, hence building connections with people around us is essential. This also helps us complete certain duties and work which require more than one person’s effort. However, people do not just feel happy from any type of social interaction. There are certain types of human interactions which people generally enjoy more.

People who engage in quality and meaningful conversations are correlated to a higher sense of well-being, whereas casual small-talk are negatively associated to well-being. These results show that the depth of social interactions affects the types of relationships and connections formed with others, which leads to fulfillment in life and happiness.

However, there are also slight uncertainties regarding the results above in terms of people’s feelings, social circumstances and already existent relationships with people around them. In certain phases of our lives, we might seek meaningful and in-depth bonds with others. Sometimes we tend to interact and be around our friends more than our family due to certain inevitable circumstances and hence more formal conversations depict deeper and more meaningful friendships. Also, conversations which are more casual between family members because of the family dynamics may still reflect a strong connection among family members.

When people socialize and interact with others regularly, the greater their sense of well-being. There is a correlation between frequency of social interactions and happiness, but not causation. The relationship between the two factors shows that hanging out with people is advantageous, even the most basic social interactions with other can bring joy and fulfillment to our lives.

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Source material from Psychology Today

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