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Posted on September 27, 2018

Many people often can’t seem to get over the chronic pain they are feeling over a negative situation that happened or pain caused by someone. It might seem hard to let go and impossible to feel any better now, but not to worry as these 4 ways will gradually help you feel at ease and make peace with yourself.

Firstly, do not blame yourself for the issue you’re upset about as pain and illnesses are an inevitable part of life. Let go of your guilt and you will find peace and relief in your heart, you will then stop thinking that life isn’t fair. It isn’t easy to handle the obstacles we face every day, hence if we decide to blame ourselves, we give ourselves this additional emotional burden and unnecessary mental torment. You just need to be honest with yourselves about how it is natural to experience illnesses and injuries occasionally, it is part of being alive. Hence rather than harping on the chronic illness, aim to live an enriching and satisfying life, pursue happiness as much as possible as life is precious.

Secondly, understand that we cannot predict everything that will happen in our lives, there will also be certain things we are unsure and apprehensive about. We do not always have full control over our lives, hence sometimes things do not go our way and we end up not getting the result we want. However, we can make things better by dealing with these ordeals with a calmed and optimistic mindset and accept any difficulties that comes our way with grace.

Thirdly, it is normal to feel lonely when we are being isolated. Many people stop meeting and socializing with others to isolate themselves from the world. A significant change as such can be worrying and scary, leading to us feeling lonely. However, that loneliness can be transformed into something positive- a peaceful and calming solitude, a quiet time for ourselves to think. With the right practices, we can make use of our time alone to be productive and be involved in enriching tasks.

Fourthly, learn to pace yourself and be happy for others’ successes or happiness. Being happy for someone else can make your limitations more tolerable and makes you happy. You can start by thinking about someone who is delighted about something you yourself do not really desire, then gradually move to feeling happy for a loved one when he or she is elated over something.

Lastly, prioritize self-compassion. Be good to yourself, be kind to yourself, treat yourself occasionally and reward yourself when you know you deserve it. It is one of the best ways to alleviate the mental torment that comes with chronic illness. Many can easily show compassion for others, but not so much for themselves. They do not feel that they are worthy of such kindness. However, there is never a good reason to be strict and unkind to yourself. We learn from our mistakes and move forward, do not trap yourself in the negativity of self-doubt and self-criticisms.

Despite the difficulties you’re facing due to your health, remember that you are still a whole person and someone worthy of kindness and happiness in this world. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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