Managing emotional distress

Posted on August 31, 2018

A research was done to further examine the relationship between the size of our brains and specific character traits. A lower brain volume in certain parts of the brain is related to a higher chance of anxiety, whereas a higher brain volume in certain parts of the brain result in more protective character traits present. Hence, knowing which parts of the brain enhance protective character traits can help generate more effective treatment to fighting depression and anxiety. Researchers have also been studying therapies targeting mental processes that can help increase brain volume in specific brain regions.

One’s brain volume can be altered by developing certain skills that can improve certain character traits like optimism, proving that depression and anxiety can be conquered through brain training. Training the brain and going through certain experiences can increase brain volume and enhance positive character traits. These experiences and training also make people feel empowered knowing they are in control of their minds.

Researchers hope to generate new strategies that help people manage their emotions to positively impact brain functionality. Engaging specific brain regions and training them might not only be able to enhance positive traits, but also trains the brain to fight negativity and develop a stronger emotional defense system

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Source material from Science Daily

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