The Beauty of Gratitude

Posted on August 30, 2018

Gardening is proven to be an effective form of therapy and rehabilitation. Engaging in plant-based activities and gardening as a form of therapy, helps lower pain and stress levels, manage our anger, allows us to focus better and decreases the need for medications. An example of therapy through gardening would be nurturing an Abundance Garden, which is essentially a garden filled with gratitude and forgiveness which helps in anger management and controlling hateful thoughts.

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways, like writing ‘thank you’ notes, visiting your elders, or as simple as thanking someone verbally. Gratitude isn’t just a feeling one can easily decide to activate, but more of an attitude and an emotion that can be felt through simple acts of gratitude. This will result in benefits such as better posture, higher self-esteem and feeling more energized throughout the day.

Here are a few ways Gratitude can be expressed:

1. Forgiveness

The people we ought to forgive are often the people we love the most. Letting go and showing forgiveness towards others or even yourself is a good start to lifting your mood and relief yourself of any stress or burden.

2. Focus on positivity

Negativity harms our health. Bury the hatchet and any anger or hateful feelings. Write down 3 possible reasons as to why you might still be drawn to the individual who upset you and from there, understanding how you truly feel and act in a way that truly relieves you of any negativity.

3. Recognize your role

Write down 1 possible reason you believe that person has hurt you for. Think about your relationship with this person, whether it is worth keeping or someone you should cut off ties with. Also, admit to yourself to certain things you did or said which contributed to this person’s decision to be hurtful.

4. Give your blessings

Bless the person you have negative feelings towards by making a list of ways you want to do so to be personally aware that you’re hoping the best and wishing for positivity in this person’s life. Acts of kindness by wishing the person good health, prosperity and joy will bring immense positivity into your life too.

This Abundance Garden that is brimming with kindness, compassion and forgiveness, should be kept up daily. Showing acts of gratitude every day gradually opens up your heart to amazing opportunities and facilitates emotional generosity which helps improve one’s mental health.

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