Manage your cravings by being mindful

Posted on August 24, 2018

Cravings related to substance use can lead to deterioration after a period of improvement while cravings for food increase the risk of unhealthy weight gain. Hence, having unhealthy cravings is something that calls for intervention.

Strategies related to mindfulness are found to be effective by taking up space in the short-term memory that changes one’s behavior positively. One of such strategies is meditation, a commonly used traditional approach to curb cravings. Other strategies include exercises that advocate better awareness of the self and body. There are also strategies that help people be more open and welcoming towards their uneasiness and any situation that requires them to step out of their comfort zone. Mindfulness in general, aims to help people separate their feelings and thoughts.

A few of the positive outcomes generated from mindfulness solutions associated with cravings, are most probably a result of disrupting a craving by interfering with the immediate conscious part of one’s memory. Mindfulness also dampens our cravings by taking away certain craving-triggering thoughts and behavior from our minds.

We should aim to practise being mindful in our everyday lives. The benefits mindfulness can bring calls for the need to explore more mindfulness strategies and generate more of such ways to not just manage our cravings but also improve our quality of life.

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