Why is Mindfulness Meditation So Important for Your Mental Health?

Posted on August 23, 2018

When it comes to mental health, everyone is trying to find a therapy that works quick, one that is cost-effective, psychologically effective, and long-lasting. However, this is dependent on your mental health as each of these therapies has its own benefits and drawbacks. The good news is that practicing mindfulness can help with your mental health.

What is Mindfulness and why is it Effective?

Mindfulness is the act of sitting still and focusing on your thoughts and breathing. Oxford University researchers discovered that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can help fight depression like conventional drugs. The research also found out that MBCT reduced the risk of relapse into depression by 44%. Mindfulness works to train people to bring back their attention. The treatment helps people focus on other positive things and this is why it’s effective in treating depression and anxiety.

The Lund University conducted a study that found mindfulness treatment to be efficient as conventional talk therapy for treating depression and anxiety. Mindfulness treatment can help improve mental health in a few areas. Stress and anxiety is one of the areas mindfulness can help treat. Mindfulness as a solution for stress management works through a focused relaxing of the body and mind during and after a stressful situation. With mindfulness, you get to alleviate anxiety by focusing on your current state instead of worrying about future problems.

Being Present In The Moment

Terminal conditions and physical pain can affect your mental well-being. Research shows that more than a billion people all over the world experience one type of chronic pain. The pain might not completely fade off, but it’s more manageable. What’s more, a therapist can incorporate mindfulness in your therapy to provide mental relief for chronic pain. Coping with depression can be difficult if you don't know how to control your emotion. Mindfulness allows you to be present rather than sink into negative thoughts, self-criticism, and rejection.

Obsessive compulsive disorder can lead to ritualistic behaviors as a person has to deal with regular intrusive thoughts. Mindfulness therapy helps promote a clearer mind by ensuring that those with OCD find peace. Also, mindfulness can help individuals realize how substance abuse and addiction affects their mental health. Therapy creates awareness around the cause of this desire and help them focus on freedom to make a choice which helps reduce cravings that may lead to addiction.

Despite mindfulness being unfamiliar, this kind of therapy has grown to be helpful in promoting mental health. With this form of treatment, you can strive for peace and cope with mental health problems.

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