Music Therapy treats combat-related psychological injuries

Posted on August 21, 2018

Due to the advancement in the technological and medical industry, there is an increase in combat survival rates. However, more military service members left combat with psychological injuries such as distressing brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Medical problems as such can combine and generate many health issues, increasing the probability of overlapping symptoms and making it too complicated and difficult to identify and treat. Since there is also a stigma of accepting healthcare treatment in the military industry, many are often reluctant to seek help.

Combining creative art therapies in military treatment may be tough, but they are highly beneficial as solo care programmes. To generate better quality treatment programmes, music therapies and healthcare centres should share their programme outcomes and success results by publishing types of effective healthcare treatments, how they were developed, how the programmes have helped many and in what conditions for further analysis to develop more advanced programme models and better idea implementations.

Creative art therapies are effective in treating combat-related psychological injuries. Since music has positive impacts on the brain and helps re-connect different parts of the brain together, it is highly effective in treating Blast injuries, an injury resulted from physical trauma from an explosion that damages certain parts of the brain. Listening to music causes the brain to secrete a type of chemical that facilitates positive behavior, motivation and enhances learning.

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