Frustrations and Nightmares

Posted on August 21, 2018

Humans’ psychological needs are portrayed in dreams. Studies have found that anger and feelings related to the lack of certain psychological needs affect the types of dreams people have. People who have unsatisfied psychological needs tend to feel frustrated regularly, almost every day. They often experience nightmares and dreams that evoke anger and sadness, interpreting their dreams in general in a negative light. Their negative emotions are most likely a result of their attempt to understand their nightmares. On the other hand, people who are psychologically fulfilled tend to perceive their dreams in a more positive light.

People who are often dissatisfied with their everyday life have repeated dreams of them falling, being victimized and being unsuccessful in life. It usually happens when people can’t bring themselves to conquer and adapt to the toughest problems in their lives. Hence, these repeated dreams push people to face and understand the most urgent and depressing issues in their lives.

In general, dreams are largely dependent by the types of experiences we have in life, especially those concerning our emotions and psychological needs.

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