The future for boys with ADHD

Posted on August 17, 2018

It has always been a challenge identifying possible childhood characteristics that influence a child’s outcomes in the long run. Children with ADHD are found to receive lower education levels, face difficulties interacting with their social environments, and be less successful than their peers without ADHD. It is essential to spot indicators of future success early to be prepared with preventive measures and the right treatment methods.

People with high IQ are known to perform better in general, in terms of school, work or any social situations. A study has also stated that the more behavioral problems one has, the lower the academic achievements and ability to handle work situations. This does not only apply to severe behavioral problems, but also the mildest ones. On the other hand, boys in their teenage years who aspire and made substantial plans in terms of education and work for the future, were proven to have better capabilities in coping with the adult life.

Till this day, doctors and psychologists still find it hard to spot early indicators of functional abilities in children with ADHD. We should never underestimate even the mildest behavioral issues among children with ADHD. Early interventions should also be considered for children with low IQ. Young people are encouraged to think ahead, set objectives for oneself and have a positive outlook towards their future.

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Source material from Science Daily