Foods that help alleviate depression

Posted on June 30, 2018

According to studies done by BMC medicine and other laboratories, a correlation between food and mood has been discovered. This led to an increase in the study of "nutritional psychology" to find out more on how to alleviate mental disorders such as depression.

Using motivational interviewing, goal setting and mindful eating, researchers gave advice to 67 participants with depression, on how to improve their diet. Over 12 weeks, the following food groups led to significant improvement in their depressed moods and the recommended food guidelines are listed as follows:

1. 5-8 servings of whole grains (daily)
2. 6 servings of vegetables (daily)
3. 3 servings of fruits (daily)
4. 3-4 servings of legumes (weekly)
5. 2-3 servings of low fat, unsweetened dairy (daily)
6. 1 serving of raw and unsalted nuts (daily)
7. 2 servings of fish (weekly)
8. 3-4 servings of lean red meats (weekly)
9. 2-3 servings of chicken (weekly)
10. Up to 6 eggs (weekly)
11. 3 tbsp of olive oil (weekly)

The participants were also instructed to cut down on processed foods, refined sugars, friend and fast foods, sugary drinks and alcohol. The participants were eating unhealthily prior to this diet, and they showed significant improvements in their mood, thus results cannot be generalized to those who eat a healthy diet to begin with.


Source material from Psychology Today

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