A Single Mindfulness Meditation Session Can Reduce Anxiety

Posted on May 12, 2018

According to lead study author John J. Durocher, PhD, an assistant professor of physiology in the department of biological sciences at Michigan Technological University, anxiety was significantly lower one week after a mindfulness meditation session, and participants had a reduction in mechanical stress on the arteries. These effects could help to reduce stress on organs like the brain and kidneys and help prevent conditions such as high blood pressure.

Anxiety can be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Previous studies have indicated that arterial stiffness (a predictor of cardiovascular disease) can be increased by traumatic life events, job strain, depression, temporary anxiety and long-term proneness to anxiety. Cardiovascular changes associated with anxiety can also lead to high blood pressure and long-term damage to various organs.

The results of the study showed that even a single, brief intervention can yield measurable improvements in people with anxiety. Researchers said most participants reported continuing to use mindfulness after the initial session and anxiety scores were reduced even further one week later.

Understanding the effects of mindfulness meditation on the body can help improve the design of anti-anxiety therapies, according to Durocher. The study could also contribute to helping more people suffering from anxiety to adopt these mindfulness-based therapy methods.


Source material from Science Daily

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