The Family That Dines Together, Stays Together

Posted on January 12, 2018

For many busy families, getting everyone to sit down at the table together for dinner can seem like an impossible task. However, family dinners can have a substantial impact on positive communication and increase bonds between family members of all ages. Making the time to dine together often means that the family stays together through thick and thin.

According to WebMD, studies have shown that family dinners reduce the likelihood of teens using drugs and alcohol, and increase grades and self-esteem. The underlying foundation of this result is that family dinners encourage communication and facilitate direct engagement between parents, children, and even siblings.

Another good tactic if you want to supplement dinnertime for more quality moments spent together, try introducing recreational activities like board games, or even watching a movie together. The point of these activities are opportunities to not only engage with your kids and vice versa, but also to encourage a group familial dynamic.

A shared meal doesn’t need to be restricted to just dinner. If you can eat breakfast or lunch together, it can be just as effective. All families are different with the amount of free time each member has, especially the parents. If you’re working a demanding job that requires late hours, then maybe sitting down to a prepared family dinner five nights a week just isn’t feasible. That’s okay. The point is to make the effort and prioritize the event as an important weekly ritual, because it will have a huge impact either way.

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