5 Ways to Prioritise Your Mental Health

Posted on July 22, 2017

Life is filled with the unexpected and we need to find ways to cope with uncertainty and challenges. As such, mental health should be a priority in your life. Here are five ways you can do so:

1) Reduce distractions. We can easily lose our free time to mindless distractions like watching television and movies instead of spending it on ourselves. If you need to have a few distractions, try improving their quality. This does not mean giving up on Candy Crush altogether, but instead, try having hobbies like reading, cooking or rock climbing as well. Having less distractions makes us focus on our challenges, which is usually the only way we can tackle and subsequently conquer them.

2) Look at the quality of your relationships. Take a good look at who takes up your inner circle. Toxic and abusive relationships take a toll on our mental health. This includes relationships with family members. Go through with yourself the kinds of relationships that you want and deserve this year, then create relationship boundaries. These could be through a conversation with a person about their behaviour, or even breaking ties. Do what you need to be kind towards yourself without being hurtful to others.

3) Start doing things that you know will benefit you. There may have been many instances where you told yourself that you really need to get something done, but never did so. This can include doing small tasks like exercising more or taking more photos, or bigger things like buying insurance. Find out what is stopping you from doing these, and start making them your priority. Although they may be small tasks, completing them increases your security and improves your mental health.

4) Don’t be too hard on yourself. Many of us constantly put ourselves down and fail to celebrate our achievements, both big and small. Do not be so hard on yourself when making a mistake. Remind yourself that nobody is perfect.

5) Talk to a therapist. Whether we are coping with the daily stress life brings us or something bigger, it is always good to talk our problems out with someone. The stigma of seeing a counsellor is also slowly decreasing, and it is a place where you can receive valuable advice for self-care.

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