6 Ways to Stay Grounded in Times of Overwhelm

Posted on May 20, 2017

Life is a balancing act. Between work, relationships, parental duties, staying fit, academic efforts, maintaining friendships, community involvement and personal fulfillment, it’s a wonder most of us can even find time to catch our breath. Yet we soldier forward with all our obligations and commitments because we have to, and in most cases, we want to. In the midst of it all, we may get too carried away that we leave little time for ourselves. When that happens, we may lose touch with our inner selves, allow the stress of it all to impact our mental and physical well-being, and subsequently experience some degree of burn-out. Self-care is important to prevent ourselves from feeling too overwhelmed by our hectic schedules, and here are six strategies developed by Melody Pourmoradi that may help you realign with your sense of purpose even in times of stress and overload:

1. Center Yourself
Allocate some alone time for yourself at the start of each day- even 5-10min will suffice. During this little pockets of time for yourself, commit yourself to whatever will help you welcome the day with a sense of peace and calm. This may be in the form of meditation, journal-ling, or a visualization of your optimal day.

2. Fuel Your Body Right
Taking proper care of yourself on a physical level allows you to take on the world more effectively and energetically. A consistent and enjoyable exercise routine will also increase vitality levels and program you for a more positive mindset throughout your day.

3. Get Organized
When you have a full schedule, it is imperative that you do as much planning ahead of time as possible to ensure a smooth day.

4. Sleep It Out
Often times we sacrifice sleep to take care of work and other responsibilities but performing at optimal levels in our daily lives requires us to fully recharge at night. It is important to allow ourselves sufficient time of personal space and rest.

5. Practice Your Passions
Surrounding yourself with things that you are passionate about will empower you, inspire you and keep you motivated. When you take the time to align with activities that bring you joy, you will operate at your best throughout the day and feel less overwhelmed and more energized.

6. Be Real About Your Situation
In times of stress and overwhelm, we often over-exaggerate our situation by thinking about it incessantly. Dwelling in this “not enough time” lack mentality psyches us out and is often counter-intuitive. It blocks us from accomplishing and creating and makes a challenging situation, even more difficult to overcome. Instead, affirm that you have all the time and resources needed to accomplish everything on your plate and more.

Remember that balance is key to everything. Take good care of the little things and the big things will take care of itself!

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