Boost Brain Power With The Right Type of Socialising

Posted on May 5, 2017

New research has shown that having a friendly chat for ten minutes is enough to boost brain power. The boost from such conversation is comparable to that of solving crossword puzzles! Moreover, research has shown that having a friendly conversation is also a way to prepare oneself for a mentally exhausting task!

The study suggests that the simple act of talking to others can provide mental benefits to us. In the study, the researchers looked at the ability to ignore and put aside distractions, remember pertinent issues, make choices and monitor ourselves, known as the executive function. The study then compared various types of social interactions to find out which provided the greatest benefit.

From the results, it is interesting to note that competitive conversations provide little cognitive benefits. In such conversations, people tend to withdraw within themselves. On the other hand, friendly conversations help to enhance empathy among the various parties.

The study believes that a boost in our performance is caused by social interactions that motivate us to try to figure out the thoughts of others and think from their perspectives. The boost in executive functioning is seen when we try to think from the perspective of others in competitive conversations as well. With that being said, why not indulge in an exciting conversation right now!

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