Borderline Personality Disorder: 8 Classic Signs You Should Know

Posted on May 4, 2017

More prevalent in women than men, borderline personality disorder is thought to affect 1-6% of the population. Perhaps, the most classic sign of such disorder would be a history of instability in personal relationships and it may be caused by volatile and rash emotions. People with such disorders can admire someone and soon after, hate on them. Hence, people with such disorders often have extreme relationships with others.
Here are 7 signs of borderline personality disorder:

1. Extreme fear of abandonment or being alone, whether it is real or imagined
2. The inclination to take risks without sparing a thought about the consequences, which most often may end up hurting themselves such as car accidents, substance abuse or dangerous sex
3. May try to self-harm or have suicidal thoughts. However, it is critical to note that people with borderline personality disorder are usually not trying to kill themselves but are expressing their anger towards themselves or even trying to feel “normal”.
4. Unstable sense of self – People with borderline personality disorder may often feel like they are different people around different friends and thus, result in them feeling lost and empty
5. Paranoid thoughts and zoning out. People with borderline personality disorder may believe in things that are false or sometimes zoning out.
6. Feeling extreme anger – People with borderline personality disorder may feel extreme and intense anger over small matters and turn violent as a response
7. People with borderline personality disorder may often feel like they are on an emotional roller-coaster. Extreme feelings of anxiety may turn to extreme depression and then another strong emotion, lasting a few hours or even a few days.

Mental health professionals often look for these symptoms to diagnose someone with borderline personality disorder and the treatment for this disorder usually involves learning how to manage our emotions. Even though the cause of the condition has not been fully understood, majority of these people do recover from this discover given time and proper treatment.

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