The Modern Parenting Techniques That Hinder Brain Development

Posted on April 8, 2017

New research has shown that some of the modern parenting techniques that many of us believe in are hindering the brain development of our child. Professor Darcia Narvaez of the University of Notre Dame noted that for American youths, their life outcomes are worsening, especially in comparison to 50 years.

Some of these parenting technique that hinder brain development include the use of infant formula in replacement of breast feeding, the isolation of infants in their own room and the belief that responding to the crying of our babies will “spoil” the baby. On the other hand, it has been found that ancient practices such as breast-feeding our infants, responding to their crying, almost constant touch and having multiple adult caregivers may help boost the child’s brain development as well as shape their personality positively.

For example, research has shown that:
• Allowing our babies to play freely in nature diminishes their aggressive tendencies.
• Positive touch reduces stress in children.
• Responding to the needs of our child is linked to the development of their consciousness.
• Having a set of supportive caregivers boost the child’s IQ and empathy.

Despite that, the modern era has rendered families to become more nuclear and children do not see as many of their relative as they used to. Moreover, free play has been reduced dramatically and children in the US are also now less likely to be breastfed.

Even so, all is not lost. It is worthy to note that our right brain, which governs our self-regulation, creativity and empathy can grow throughout our lives through a full-body experience like dancing or free play. It is thus never too late for a parent to participate in a creative experience with their children for them to grow alongside each other.


Source material from Psyblog

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