This Anxiety Treatment Easily Better Than Stress Management

Posted on April 3, 2017

New research has found that mindful meditation helps to decrease anxiety. Mindful mediation helps to reduce stress physically as it reduces the body’s inflammatory response and decreases our stress hormones. In comparison, the popular advice of learning how to manage our stress adversely increases our stress levels.

This research included people who had been diagnosed with generalised anxiety and half of them were given a mindfulness meditation course whereas the other half were given a stress management course. After 8 weeks, the participants needed to give a short speech to an audience and it was found that people who managed their stress better were in the meditation group. Conversely, people who had taken the stress management course actually showed an increased response to stress.

With that being said, mindfulness meditation may turn out to be a better way of reducing our anxiety and managing our stress. Moreover, it is relatively cheaper and has less social stigma attached to it, thus making it an incredibly viable and peaceful alternative for us to try!


Source material from Psyblog

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