Surprisingly, This Type of People Are More Trusting

Posted on April 3, 2017

Trust has always been the crux of forming close relationships with others. Trust happens between close friends and family members. There is also another type of trust – generalised trust that focuses on unknown members of society. According to new research, intelligent people are more likely to place their trust in others.

This may be because intelligent people are able to better judge the character of others. Moreover, the study has also found that people who are more trusting are happier and healthier physically.

Several research has also proved that it is indeed smart for one to trust others. Previous researchers have found that people who are more trusting are more likely to be involved in charity or start a business. Moreover, societies who have higher levels of generalised trust are also more efficient and enjoy greater economic prosperity.

With that being said, trust does not only help to maintain and negotiate relationships but also allows society to prosper as a whole. Maybe it is time for us to have a little more faith in others and also for society to cultivate more trust among its people.

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