Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

Posted on March 29, 2017

Like how age is just a number in love, some of us may believe that physical distance likewise does not play a critical role in maintaining a relationship. Even so, many of us may believe otherwise. The idea of not being able to see your partner for a prolonged period of time raises fears and insecurities of how long can the relationship last. Research has shown that long distance relationships are able to work with mutual effort.

So, what are the critical ingredients that helps keep love going?
1. Tell each other more intimate and personal information
2. Have a more idealised view of their partner

Contrary to popular dating advice, these two tips were from the own people conducting long distance relationships themselves. The researchers examined couples who were in long distance relationship and also some who were in close geographical proximity to each other. The researchers found that long distance couples were more trusting and felt even closer with their partners.

With that being said, we do not have to be afraid of a long-distance romance. Couples in long distance relationship put in more effort in communicating their affection and such efforts do pay back. Even though it may not be the best situation for one to be separated from their partner for a long period of time, people do find ways to make it work if they want to.

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