Forgiveness: The Wonderful Psychological Perks

Posted on March 29, 2017

To forgive and forget is one of the greatest and to some, hardest lesson to learn. However, once we are able to get past our own barriers and forgive others for their mistakes, we open the door to tremendous physical and mental benefits.

Our ability to forget unhappy memories serves as a strategy for us to accept what is done and move on with our lives. Even so, there is one question to ask - Will forgiving lead us to forgetting?

According to the research by Noreen and colleagues published in journey Psychological Science, people were asked to imagine scenarios that contained wrongdoings and were then questioned on whether they would forgive the perpetuator. From the results, it shows that people who forgave were more likely to forget about the scenarios whereas people who could not forgive the wrongdoer initially were more likely to remember the scenario.

Such results further testified the common saying that forgiving may well lead to forgetting. With that being said, why not let us all embrace the power of forgiveness and live a peaceful life now?


Source material from Psyblog

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