'Phubbing': The Modern Way To Kill Your Relationship

Posted on March 25, 2017

People, distance, time may all sour a relationship. We may not be aware of the new relationship killer that is always with us – our cellphone. Termed as phubbing - a linguistic blending of phone and snubbing, it has been discovered that ignoring your partner to look at your phone serves to open up a can of worms that may create conflict and lead to lower levels of relationship satisfaction. Lower levels of relationship satisfaction in turn will possibly lead to lower life satisfaction and eventually, higher levels of depression.

Examples of phubbing include:
• Placing their phone at a place where they can see it when we are together.
• Keeping their phone in their hand when he or she is with me
• Glancing at their phone when talking to me
• If there is a lull in our conversation, they will check their cellphone

We are often unaware that such distractions by our cell phones may adversely affect the relationships we have. Some of us may not think that it is a big deal, but it does lead to lower satisfaction in relationship and can soon boil over to satisfaction in life itself. Lower relationship satisfaction could lead to prolonged feelings of depression and lower the well-being of individual.

Our phone helps us to maintain our relationships with others, but it is a double edged sword that can pierce right through the heart of our relationships if one is not sensitive enough.

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