The Personality Trait Linked To A Longer Life

Posted on March 23, 2017

New research has shown that being positive has been linked to living a longer life. People are able to live a longer life if they are more positive about the future, enjoy closer relationships with others, decisive and feel more useful and relaxed. Other factors also include getting married and having a degree.

The people analysed in the survey had a similar levels of physical health, income and other demographic characteristics. It is perhaps worthy to note that income did not have an effect on the chance of dying.

The results hence indicate that a more positive mental health somewhat enables us to live longer. This may be due to direct physiological responses such as lowered blood pressure, increased capacity to cope with stress, reduced drinking and smoking, an active lifestyle and better sleep quality. People with a more positive mental health are too less likely to be affected by events such as divorce. The more optimistic people are, the greater is their physical health. Thus, with a positive attitude, let us all take our next step forward to create a meaningful and healthy life today!

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