7 Everyday Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Posted on March 23, 2017

Anxiety is a feeling commonly experienced by many and you are not alone. Here are 7 easy ways for you to reduce anxiety and live a freer and happy life.

1. Put anxiety into words – Describe how you feel can reduce anxiety. It has been found that the more fearful words we use to describe anxiety, the more it reduces the anxiety we face.
2. Mindful dish-washing – It may be surprising but washing the dishes mindfully is quick way to relieve stress and calm our mind. Our focus on the smell of soap, the shape of the dishes can help us become more mindful and even increase our mental inspiration.
3. Massage – Massage aids in decreasing our levels of cortisol and other than reducing anxiety, it too helps to reduce depression symptoms.
4. Connect with nature – Nature serves to be a pleasant escape from our hectic city lives. It is a sanctuary that helps our mind to recover and reduce our anxiety levels. What is interesting to note is that, we do not even have to be in nature to get the benefit. We just have to feel the connection!
5. Acts of kindness – Being kind to others can reduce social anxiety and help us to interact with others more easily. Such acts of kindness seem to help people relieve the fear of being rejected and feel more comfortable in social situations.
6. Omega-3 – It has been found that Omega-3 supplements reduce anxiety and even lower inflammation in healthy people.
7. Take action to reduce anxiety – It has been found that taking actual steps helps to reduce anxiety. People high in anxiety often dislike taking action and this adversely results in anxiety, sadness and irritability.

With all the seven easy steps laid out for you, let us use some to free ourselves from this self-constructed prison!

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