Daydreaming is NOT Just A Waste Of Time, Studies Finds

Posted on March 23, 2017

To all the daydreamers out there, our hobby of daydreaming could give us gifts of success and higher creativity! Contrary to the common perception that daydreaming is a waste of time, allowing our minds to wander is one of the simplest yet greatest thing we can do to get what we want in our lives.

To practical naysayers, daydreaming is a waste of time and that such precious time could definitely be spent on doing things that can guarantee success. Well, new research has found that we do not daydream in vain! It could just be the very key that unlocks our pool of creativity and success.

Professor Moshe Bar, who led the research said that when our mind wanders, it involves many parts of the brain and such cross-brain involvement will contribute to many outcomes such as creativity and the ability to remain focus on our task while our mind goes off on its mental way.

From the research, it is found that even though distractions increase the chances of our mind wandering, rather than reducing our ability to complete the task, it improves our cognitive capacity and task performance. Daydreaming can bring about positive effects on our mental performance in the right situations. With that being said, let us all open our minds to what they have to offer right now.

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