The Most Shocking Fact About Fake Memories

Posted on March 21, 2017

It may be shocking but new research has found that fifty per cent of people are prone to believing fake memories. When events that did not occur are suggested, around half of the people believed that they have experienced them.

Such events include taking a hot air balloon ride as a child or causing havoc at a wedding when a child.

People are asked to consistently imagine the occurrence of these events and are tested later, once the memory is settled in or implanted in their brains. The results showed that people often find it hard to draw the line between fake events and real events. Some even go as far to add in further details about the event that did not happen to them!

Many factors can have an impact on the creation of false beliefs and memories but it is till unknown how these factors interact. Even so, it is critical to know how a large portion of us are prone to develop false beliefs, which may have an impact on our behaviors and attitudes overtime!

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Source material from Psyblog

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