The Best Way To Make Friends And Keep Them

Posted on March 18, 2017

All of us have different personality traits that attract friends by our side, but do we have the desired traits that make them stay? New research has explored into this area and found out the best way to make and keep our friends.
New research has shown that with a high level of confidence and self-assurance, narcissists make friends more quickly, but often find it hard to form meaningful and long-lasting friendships. Qualities like empathy, the ability to manage our emotions and putting effort into the relationship serve to form and build up better friendships in the long run.

From the research, college students’ narcissistic tendencies were measured along with their emotional intelligence. Their popularity index over the next few months were measured as well.

The results showed that for people who are low in narcissism and emotional intelligence, they did worst in terms of friendship. Those high in both qualities – attracted friends earlier than their other peers and managed to hold onto them as well. Most people with an average narcissistic tendencies and average emotional intelligence did OK when trying to make friends.

Even so, emotional intelligence still renders itself to be the key to long-lasting friendships. Revealing emotional skills takes time as the chances for us to understand and empathise with our peers may only appear in specific interactions. With this revelation of the secret to a long-lasting friendship, let us all strive to build even more meaningful friendships and deep connections today!


Source material from Psyblog

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