Research Reveals How Time Will Change Your Personality

Posted on March 9, 2017

Impermanence is the only permanence. With regards to such an idea, some of us lament about it. Others may express gratitude that constant changes may be a blessing in disguise, be it allowing us to cherish what we have now, or waiting for better days to come by. New research has shown that personality has render itself to be yet another symbol of the idea.

It has been revealed that people indeed do change with age and from the study itself, there was no relationship between people’s personality at age 14 and at age 77, seemingly as if the two assessments had been given to two different people.

The study’s authors write:
“The longer the interval between two assessments of personality, the weaker the relationship between the two tends to be. Our results suggest that, when the interval is increased to as much as 63 years, there is hardly any relationship at all.”

However, it is critical to note that the personality tests only account for what it feels like to be you. Yet, one simply cannot ignore the drastic change in personality. Truth to be told, most people do not realise such huge changes happening within themselves as they often happen within a long timespan, thus creeping by unnoticed.

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