A Very Pleasurable Way To Improve Your Relationship

Posted on March 9, 2017

All of us yearn to be cared for, and new research has proven that signs of care and concern from our loved ones indeed makes us feel better. Moreover, being kind towards our partner, even if our partner does not notice it is found to make us happy.

For the study, the couples were made to keep a diary over two weeks indicating the moments when they acted compassionately towards their partners. Such compassionate acts are defined by the study’s author, “…caregiving that is freely given, focused on understanding and genuine acceptance of the other’s needs and wishes, and expressed through openness, warmth, and a willingness to put a partner’s goals ahead of one’s own.”

Some examples of it will be the overt expression of our care and concern, showing our partners that they are cherished and changing our plans to accommodate our partner. Results showed that partners felt happy after receiving such compassionate acts, but only if they notice them. Even so, carrying out the kind act proved to benefit the partner that did it regardless. With that being said, why not try out this simple technique and add more happiness and love to the relationship today?

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