How To Feel Happier Right Now

Posted on March 7, 2017

Reminiscing ourselves in a happy memory could just be the way to feel happier right now, at this very moment. New research has shown that both happy and peaceful music will be able to help us recall these memories. On the other hand, if one listens to music that takes a depressing tone, it will also bring back unhappy memories.

It may not be new to hear that happy music allows us to recall our positive memories. However, what is worthy to note is that the type of happy music serves to be critical in determining the vividness of these memories. According to the research, peaceful music is found to bring back the most vivid and positive memories. Peaceful music can be defined as music that are positive but not too exciting.

As Dr Signy Sheldon, the study’s first author, explained: “High cue arousal led to lower memory vividness and uniqueness ratings, but both high arousal and positive cues were associated with memories rated as more social and energetic.”

Moreover, it was further testified that music that was spontaneously played – both positive and negative was successful in bringing back vivid memories.

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